Note: This documentation is for the development version of X3DOM. Released versions: 1.5, 1.4, 1.3, 1.2.


The X3D element supports attributes and a param tag which allows to set configuration for the runtime.


The param element behaves just like any other HTML element. It must be nested below the X3D element. For XHTML you can use the self-closing syntax, for HTML a closing tag is mandatory:

    <param name="showLog" value="true" ></param>

Note: The param tag used to live as child of the scene element. This behavior has been changed with version 1.3 of X3DOM. You will get a deprecation warning and support will be removed in 1.4.


The following table lists the parameters currently supported.

Parameter Values Default Description
showLog true, false false Hide or display the logging console
showStat true, false false Hide or display the statistics overlay
showProgress true, false, bar true Hide or show the loading indicator. The default indicator is a spinner. The value ‘bar’ will use a progress bar.
PrimitiveQuality High, Medium, Low, float High/1.0 Render quality (tesselation level) for Box, Cone, Cylinder, Sphere.
component String (i.e. Geometry3D) none Name of the component to load
loadpath String (i.e. nodes/) none The path or URI where to find the components
disableDoubleClick true,false false Disables the default double click action on viewarea
disableRightDrag true,false false Disable mouse right button drag and mouse wheel

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